Inspiration always comes from the supreme source — God. Although, like most phenomenons in life it is hard to pinpoint why or where specifically an idea comes from. I have written before about the calling of an artist to have omnivorous attentiveness and to always observe life with eager expectations. However, sudden inspiration is something that should be bottled immediately.

"We don’t want to play within the constraints" of Christian moviemaking, says 'Generational Sins' writer-director Spencer Folmar. Call them "Hard Faith" films, says writer-director Spencer Folmar, who is trademarking the phrase and whose banner, Third Brother Films, has more such movies in the works, including one based on Johnny Cash's The Beast in Me."

"I’m a Christian, I swear. No, I mean I swear. Probably a little too much. This is less a point of pride than just the reality that at some point every day four-letter words tumble from my mouth. But I am a Christian. I swear. So when I saw that the new faith-based film “Generational Sins,” which came out last weekend, was going to toss in a couple of f-bombs, along with other profanities, I thought, “Well, good, that’s a little more like real life, isn’t it?”

Movie director, Spencer T. Folmar, wants to use film to present the hope he’s found in Jesus.  Many Christians aren’t buying his intentions however given the colorful language, including the monstrous “F word,” that’s replete through his films.  We talk “constructive nudity,” “senseless violence,” “The Passion of Christ” and the potential of Christians making REAL movies.

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