This film is in Development and soon entering Pre-Production.

“Beast in Me” is a story about the used, abused, and discarded peoples of the world.


LOGLINE: A mother leaving prostitution on the Las Vegas Strip will stop at nothing to protect her daughter.


The story starts on the Las Vegas strip, also known as "Sin City."


For her entire life, Ruth has been an object. From being sexually abused in her childhood, to being harassed and objectified as a teen, it’s hard to see value in yourself when a human soul has been treated as a commodity.


By the time she enters her twenties, Ruth finds herself steeped neck deep in the world of prostitution. Ruth’s escorting takes a brief pause while pregnant, but after giving birth, she quickly returns to the familiar trade. Frank, the man who “manages” Ruth, promises her protection, good money, and something closer to a relationship than she has ever had. 


Drugs, sex, and money eventually takes their toll on Ruth’s soul. Not to mention Frank clearly becomes more possessive, manipulative, and dangerous as he wants to get to know Ruth’s daughter.


By the time Ruth’s daughter, Jessie, is ten, Ruth has had enough and know that she needs to escape Las Vegas and Frank’s gaze. Ruth enlists Grace, a reformed prostitute she met at a recovery meeting, to help her escape the lifestyle.


On Ruth’s last night as a prostitute she meets Martin, a hurting man with his own troubled past. He is her final customer, and a significant one. Rather than paying for sexual favors, he just wants someone to share a bed with. An old, sad complicated man looking for companionship.


The next day, Ruth attempts to escape to California to escape the dangerous life and work for the sake of her daughter and her own soul. Halfway through Death Valley, her car breaks down, and now she must rely on the kindness of others to not fall into the hands of her Frank.

Director & Writer Spencer T Folmar on set of 

"Generational Sins" (2017) 


This story has been developing and percolating in my soul for over 5 years. I was first inspired to tell a story about the depravity of man when I heard the song “The Beast in Me” by Johnny Cash. The initial concept has continued to evolve as I enter into the dark and often forgotten places of the world. Other things in life came and went while this story remained. It is a story that haunts me, and yet gives me hope when I am feeling most desperate. There is no science fiction or moments when you need to forgo reality when watching this movie - unfortunately, the characters and events are very real and at times disturbing. But in this heavy dark setting outside of Las Vegas, there is hope and a light in the most unexpected of places. I hope you will feel transformation and an unshakable quench for goodness, justice, and redemption having experienced the story of a drug addict, a prostitute, and a retired drug lord...


Director Spencer T. Folmar's theatrical debut, "Generational Sins," has spurred a national debate surrounding the interplay of faith and film. FOX, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, Washington Times, CBN, Christian Post, and more have all joined the conversation in about the film's release. In response, Folmar coined the term "Hard Faith" to describe this new genre of film, written for audiences who are hungry for hope in the midst of gritty real-life stories.

Folmar's career began at the ambitious age of 17 when he directed his film debut, "Fortified." Two years later, his second feature film, "Guilt & Sentence," would receive critical acclaim, winning festival awards and premiering to a sold-out audience.

Folmar's films are now released under his Los Angeles production company Third Brother Films, which is currently developing several projects that will reflect today's multifaceted culture and audience. He is currently in pre-production for his fourth feature, "Beast in Me," as well as in development stages of his fifth feature, "Deathbed Redemption" with more on the way in the Hard Faith genre.

During his post-graduate academic career, Folmar attended NYU for my MFA in film and also received my masters in theology from Reformed Theological Seminary. His desire to combine these two passions is a driving force in his current slate of films. Folmar also has an extensive career in corporate and commercial and non-profit video production around the world.

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